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Honeycomb Structure

Discussion created by Wing Hoe Tan on Feb 18, 2018
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Hi all


I am attempting to create a raised honeycomb feature. So far, I have tried the wrap feature and the extrude surface feature (with capped ends and knit). I would like to seek some general advice on how best to approach this. My intent is to use 3D printing so draft is not a concern. The following are my observations. I have also attached a part done using extrude from surface.


Extrude from surface

Aesthetically, this does not produce the best result as the extrusion has to be in a linear direction (I would prefer it to radiate out normally in all directions). Also, I need to pick each surface individually. For a more dense honeycomb structure, this would be tedious.




This produces the more aesthetically pleasing effect as it radiates normally. Also, I am not required to pick individual faces. However, this produces undesirable offsets (circled) and sometimes miss faces (arrow).