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Solidworks increasing unnecessary precise mousemovements

Discussion created by Richard Wagenaar on Feb 16, 2018
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We also have Autodesk Inventor professional and mouse milage is lower than in SW. Solidworks forces

you to go in the tree where IV allows more actions close to the mouse cursor. That causes more mousemilage.

Also things like placing a view in drawing mode has very tiny checkboxes while more 10 years ago you could just select anywhere on the whole text like  "current model view". Even worse is that you have to pick exactly in the middle of that tiny checkbox, a little bit of center doesn't select your option. It all needs so precise mousemovement in Solidworks.  It just gets harder every release appearantly because either  the software programmers don't try what they are changing or don't wonder if the change is better or worse. I get RSI problems of all these precise mousemovents in Solidworks which I don't get in Inventor.

Also if the mouse position is at the lower end of the screen,  the RMB menu needs you to go all the way up to select your command. In IV the menus options are mirrored avoiding the mouse milage.


And if you want to change a dimension to a specific configuration the button  is half (we paid the full price) of the width compared to all other buttons.

This is one of the most used buttons for us  causing  precise mousemovements again.


In older versions of SW this half sized button was not necessary at all !!!! because the list of this configurations or all configurations was showed  automatically  if there were more than 1 configuration. How smart....


So you need to press a very small half size button everytime while in older releases this was not

necessary at all. This is another typical example of generating mousemilage and unnecessary clicks on purpose.

There are many more examples but I dont have the time to mention them all and I feel it is a waste of time to complain about all the UI regressions because we made a decision to use SW only in existing designs because of UI regressions.


I really hope at some time in the future there will be some smart people at SW carefully looking at User interface efficiency because

a lot of things are going backwards compared to older releases. I am not only seeing/counting the additional mousemilage and clicks but I also feel the pain literally