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    Solidworks increasing unnecessary precise mousemovements

    Richard Wagenaar



      We also have Autodesk Inventor professional and mouse milage is lower than in SW. Solidworks forces

      you to go in the tree where IV allows more actions close to the mouse cursor. That causes more mousemilage.

      Also things like placing a view in drawing mode has very tiny checkboxes while more 10 years ago you could just select anywhere on the whole text like  "current model view". Even worse is that you have to pick exactly in the middle of that tiny checkbox, a little bit of center doesn't select your option. It all needs so precise mousemovement in Solidworks.  It just gets harder every release appearantly because either  the software programmers don't try what they are changing or don't wonder if the change is better or worse. I get RSI problems of all these precise mousemovents in Solidworks which I don't get in Inventor.

      Also if the mouse position is at the lower end of the screen,  the RMB menu needs you to go all the way up to select your command. In IV the menus options are mirrored avoiding the mouse milage.


      And if you want to change a dimension to a specific configuration the button  is half (we paid the full price) of the width compared to all other buttons.

      This is one of the most used buttons for us  causing  precise mousemovements again.


      In older versions of SW this half sized button was not necessary at all !!!! because the list of this configurations or all configurations was showed  automatically  if there were more than 1 configuration. How smart....


      So you need to press a very small half size button everytime while in older releases this was not

      necessary at all. This is another typical example of generating mousemilage and unnecessary clicks on purpose.

      There are many more examples but I dont have the time to mention them all and I feel it is a waste of time to complain about all the UI regressions because we made a decision to use SW only in existing designs because of UI regressions.


      I really hope at some time in the future there will be some smart people at SW carefully looking at User interface efficiency because

      a lot of things are going backwards compared to older releases. I am not only seeing/counting the additional mousemilage and clicks but I also feel the pain literally

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          Richard Wagenaar

          Sorry I dont know why the uppertext is in red.

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            Richard Gergely

            I think everyone wants less mouse travel but there are short-cuts and mouse gesture you can use for certain stuff.


            Anyway probably the best way to get changes implemented is to get them included in the top ten list.

            Have a think on how some of the mouse problems you are having could be changed for the better and enter them next year for the top ten list voting.

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                Richard Wagenaar

                I have shortcuts for almost anything but forcing to go to the tree or additional mousclicks before you

                can get somewhere are not possible to invoke by shortcut.


                I also have a  general macro recorders,  that works if I can record a sequence of keys but

                it doesn't work for mousemovements. And unfortunately the new versions of Solidworks cannot

                be easily automated by recording a macro of shortcuts because it needs mousemovement all the time.


                I can use APIs for some functions but that needs a lot of time and I rather don't waste so much

                time because I am not sure how much difficulties new releases will bring again.  I also have found that

                there are many UI things that cannot be accesed easily by Apis. If I can fix all the inefficiencies by writing

                API's I could do it but you can't get in every part of the UI.

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                  Richard Wagenaar

                  I have few illusions that big things will happen in the UI.  We had the background color problems

                  1 year ago and it seemed like a major overhaul for SW while 18 years ago it was already there but

                  they disabled it about 12 years ago. So things that have been better in the past even seem like a

                  big operation now. It seems to me there are deeper parts in the software that are difficult to change

                  and UI seems one of them. I think if all subscription income from Solidworks would go to Solidworks

                  things would change. I have the impression  3D experience is more important for Dassault than

                  Solidworks. Who is using SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual?  I am sure it has cost a lot of money to have

                  another new cad modeller. Meanwhile Onshape has a sheetmetal module that is the best in its class and

                  really can save time. It is the most promising feature that I saw since years. Things that take me hours

                  in SW can be done in minuts in Onshape sheet metal. For some reason these things dont happen in

                  Solidworks anymore while Dassault should be able to do that too.

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                  Elmar Klammer

                  Hi Richard,


                  You are right on the money describing the mouse accuracy threshold difference between Inventor and SolidWorks. Add to this the time it takes to add dimensions in drawings and particular selecting object lines for bodies in drawing views. Inventor shows how to do it fast.

                  SolidWorks doesn't compare at all. View generation speed just the same. The whole drawing platform is much more stream line in Inventor.

                  And no this not an advertisement for Inventor, it's simply a fact. I use SW most of the time. But SW has a lot of catching up to do in that respect.



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                      Richard Wagenaar

                      Yes we also find selecting geometry is harder and causes more precise mousemovent in Solidworks compared to IV.

                      But these difference have been there always while the UI is regressing.


                      And also things like the color of constrained geometry in a sketch. That is the same as the dimension which makes it less comfortable to see when having big sketches.  In inventor you can just have different colors for sketches and dimensions. This same colors has been since 1995 and I wonder why they never improved that. Most other cad systems can do that.


                      Solidworks was proud to invent the tree but now that works against us because we have to move thousands of times to the tree and back for things that would not be necessary. 10 years ago it wasnt as bad while they still had on screen menus. I think if I would be able to record mousemovements I would see several times more mouse milage than in IV or compared to SW 10 years ago. I assume I would use shortcuts for anything possible in both.


                      About drawing performance,  I did a rebuild time test of a big section drawing in 2017 or 2016 I am not sure anymore. I found in SW2014 drawing rebuild times were much faster, somewhere around 40%.  I have sent this case here so I should be able to find the exact numbers. I did not test SW2018 drawing performance yet compared to older releases.