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Get current file path from old file path

Question asked by Jana Stahn on Feb 16, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2018 by Jacob Corder

I have an assembly with some subcomponents. The assembly was created locally on another computer, and now I have that assembly on my computer (where the file/folder structure is different). One of the subcomponents is suppressed. If I right-click on that subcomponent and choose "component properties", in the field "model document path" there is the old path from the computer where the component was originally created. That path does not exist on my computer. But if I unsuppress the component, SolidWorks still find the file (in a different path, of course). It also stores the new file path in the component properties.


So in order to find the file, SolidWorks must have done a search.


Is there an API method that does this search? A method that takes a string (old file path) as argument* and returns a string (new file path)?


*and possibly some more arguments