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Pack&Go with file renaming, What does the trick?

Question asked by Lukasz Stanislawski on Feb 16, 2018
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I have assembly and part files which include prefix in the name: 'AAA'. I have now some development, let's call it 'XXX' request and I want to use 'AAA' Model as a base model. I make a copy of it using Pack&Go and exported 'AAA' to new location but changed the prefix to 'XXX'.

I work on development 'XXX' and after it is completed I want to save it into Production location with new prefix which now shall be 'BBB'.

There are 'common components' which are used in various assemblies and their location & design never change (like toolbox parts).

I attached a simple chart for better understanding.



Assembly consist of many parts and sub-assemblies. Files are located in their dedicated folders. e.g.:

  • - Parts are located in: C:\ AAA \ Parts\ PartNo \ Revision \ File
  • - Sub-assemblies are located in: C:\ AAA \ Sub-assy \ Sub-assy No \Revision\ File
  • - Assemblies C:\ AAA \ Assemblies \ Assemblies No \ Revision \  File

Once I'm done with development of 'XXX' I would like to move all files into Production location and change file names by added/changing prefix from 'XXX' to 'BBB'. Pack&Go allows me to change file name and location. But it exports all files into one destination Unless I manually specify new location for each individual part in order to keep my file structure.

Do you have any idea how this process can be done differently without manual location change? We are talking about few hundred parts in the assembly. It is quite a pain to change a location of each part to right folder.