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Picking a Var?

Question asked by David Matula on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by Dan Golthing

Finding the value added resellers is easy.  Getting the contact information is not that difficult either.

I know that when I attend a rollout my var tells me about all the test and certifications that their techs go threw to be able to work for them.  So my big question is where can a user or potential customer verify any of this information.  Where can I lay claim to how good my var is and give them either great reviews on their service that they are to supply us with or let others know how bad they are doing for me so that when I recommend them to others they can do some research for themselves and make an educated informed decision on who the best for them will be.

    I know that in the past I have done lots of surveys for the level of support that we have revived at the various companies that I have worked for.  99% of the time things are good.  The 1% of the time when things go bad it could be the one time that you really are in desperate need of help.  Also after asking for help sometimes we will get a survey to fill out on how well things went.  That evidently goes back to the var for evaluation of the tech.

So if I move half way across the world to work and would like to find out who the best most certified reseller there is in a given area how would I find the information that would best help me.