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    Texture mapping multiple parts

    Loren Swensen

      Hi Visualize users,

      I've been using Visualize for a few months now and one thing is really bugging me. When I apply a appearance to multiple parts and go to edit the texture mapping it prompts "Select a single part to edit its texture mapping. " I have never rendered a model that I have wanted to have a different scale for the texture on different parts. If its paint, the paint should be uniform. If its wood, the grain should be uniform. I don't know why Visualize doesn't have an option to select all parts when changing texture mapping.

      Is there a way to make the texture scale the same scale on all parts without having to manually go in and change the texture scale on every part? This get time consuming when I have a model with lots of parts. If their is not a way to change the scale on all parts at the same time, is their at least a way to change the world scale so its at least easier to set everything manually?