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Automatic Border Not Remembering Layer

Question asked by Jonathan Westcott on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2020 by Grant Holohan

I have been trying to bulk update sheet formats but have noticed strange behaviour with the automatic borders.

In my system, by default the automatic borders are set to a level called "ZONES" in document properties and the line thickness is set to 0.25mm.


2018-02-15 16_07_18-Document Properties - Borders.png


When I reload a sheet format all the other items in the sheet move to the correct layer but the Automatic Border doesn't.

It seems to ignore the setting in document properties and resets to the border layer to "-None-".


2018-02-15 16_10_34-SOLIDWORKS Premium 2017 x64 Edition - [Drawing (Based on FRM-0003) - Sheet1 _].png


I now want to reset it back to "ZONES" but as the automatic border is configured through a program "swCommand_Border_Editor" I'm wondering if it is possible to set this layer via API as I can't find any commands to do it?


Any ideas would be appreciated.