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    Wildcard Character in Dispatch

    Adam Meyer
      Is there a wildcard character in Dispatch? I want to delete a PDF file that contains the part number and the previous rev (ie 123456RevA.pdf), but I only have the current rev.

      ie: %PathToSelectedFile%\%FileNameNoExt%*.pdf

      I've tried * but it didn't work.


        • Wildcard Character in Dispatch
          Amit Chen
          We solved it by generating pdf with only file_number and revision.
          ie xxxx-xxx-xx_Rev.pdf
          when creating ECO we moved the pdf file to pdf old folder when we are doing it the part number and revision are the same as the pdf file.
          As a result only when the part is in status Released you can find pdf file in the pdf folder.
          Let me know if it help you