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Design Library Parts Automatically Inserted as Virtual?

Question asked by Michael Tobin on Feb 14, 2018

Hey All,


It is my first time posing a question to this forum, but i think i have a good one for you...


I have created a design library of some common parts we use at my company. I want to allow people the ability to overwrite the default and input custom properties to the parts. i also want to avoid the hassle of having the design library part PDM linked to hundreds of different assemblies.


the easiest way to solve this problem would be for people to convert the library parts to virtual immediately upon insertion into their assemblies. but, that relies on people doing that, all the time, every time... I love virtual parts, and automatically convert nearly all COTS components to virtual when I put them in my assemblies. Is there a way that i can set all design library parts to be inserted into assemblies as virtual parts by default?


Let me know if you need anything else to go on, and thanks in advance!