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    Weldment Custom Properties

    John Wayman

      One of my colleagues has asked whether we could create a Custom Property to specify the minimum Yield Strength of a weldment.

      Thus, for example, if the weldment is made from S355 steel, the minimum acceptable Yield Strength may be 300MN/sqm, even though the spec is a nominal 355MN/sqm.


      I was playing with configurable weldment profiles, and I created 2 versions of one of the ISO configurable profiles, one in S235 and the other in S355. Sure enough, when I use either of those configurable weldments, the material comes into the party and can be shown in the drawing. I created a Custom Property in the same ISO configurable profiles - 'minimum yield strength' - but I could find no way of using this property in the weldment bodies made using these profiles.


      I think I probably know the answer, but is there a way to use other Custom Properties from weldment profiles in weldment parts?



      SW2017, sp5

      Windows 10Pro





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          Igor Fomenko

          Upload your part and profile, please

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            Elmar Klammer

            Hi John,


            Now you say you have configurable weldment profiles. In this case you need to add the yield property to the configuration specific tab and make sure the same property DOES NOT exist in the custom property tab. Then the property will show up.

            The weldment profile properties go to cutlist properties only.


            Related info on the subject:


            There is pro & cons when adding the material designation to your weldment profile.

            Major cons:

            - For each structural section you will end up with multiple library profiles or additional configurations due to the material difference i.e HSS A36. HSS 50W etc.

            - Changing material after the fact would require to edit or update the profile feature

            - Adding a minimum yield configuration property can cause issues. This property won't change if you override & change the material type.

              You can have a scenario where you change material from A36 to 50W and still call out a min. yield of 30.


            From experience, specifying material in the weldment part (not profile) itself is the preferred method. Easy to check and to modify. You can specify material as per member in the weldment part. Add the proper designations to your material library for proper naming conventions.


            If you want to specify min. yield then add it to the Material specs itself.

            That custom property in the material database can be read by API.

            That would make sure you always pull the the proper min. yield per material selection. Takes a little planning.

            For small design probably not recommended. Definitely if you do large structures with various material grades.

            Get Material Properties from Material Library