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    Surface modeling a ship hull

    Clark McCrery

      OK I am way too deep into this personal project without a paddle.  I am modeling the USS Missouri (or at least the hull) using publicly-available blueprints.  Using the orthographic views, every available bulkhead, and every available deck view, I've put....something together.  The bulkheads are sketched, and every deck except the bottom is modeled as a surface.  The problem is I can't get a surface loft or surface bound to come even close to working past the first few bulkheads or decks.  I have some Solidworks experience as a current senior ID student, including surfacing, but this is a higher level than what I'm capable of.  Went into this shooting from the hip and it shows.  If anyone has some direction for me, even if that direction is "give up", please share


      Solidworks 2016, by the way.

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          Matt Wallace



          This is outside my expertise, but the two suggestions I would have is that you are going to have trouble doing the hull as a single surface, you  should do it in sections.  Also, there are some hull details that break from the general hull shape.  Model these separately and then add them to the hull.


          Good luck

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            Paul Salvador

            Hello Clark,.. as Matt has said,.. this is quite the challenge... and Matt's suggestions are correct.. do sections (mid, rear, front, bow, stern,..for your boundaries or lofts),.. don't try to do this as a all-in-one-loft/boundary.

            First suggestion.. imho,.. only do 1/2 of the hull, then mirror later.

            Looking at the data,.. the sections are not aligning with surface trimmed edges (image attached showing top deck.. and you would need a bottom keel).. this is important for your boundary/loft to work.. they need to make contact to flow.

            Good luck!