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Assigning layers to materials

Question asked by Baris Mert on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2018 by Baris Mert

Hi there.


Is it possible to assign a custom layer name to a specific material? Let's say, the assembly parts are made of steel, glass and walnut. Can I create and assign the layers "MT-04" to steel, "GL-01" to glass and "WD-27" to walnut? I want to make drawings from the assembly and would like to see the lines at views and sections in theese layers like "WD-27" etc. My goal is to convert this drawing into an AutoCAD dwg file with theese specific layer names. For example, when I click on a line which represents a steel part, line layer should be "MT-04".


Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.