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    Group Collaboration with Solidworks

    Daniel Scott

      Hello, all.


      I'm a student that uses Solidworks in my academics and amidst a group project wonder if SW has the ability to offer online collaboration with multiple users?


      I work in industry and my employer uses Autodesk, so I am familiar with the kinds of offerings that are available regarding online collaborations through that product line.  The project group just exchanges files via Google Drive, so there is plenty of room for improvement if it's available.  I'm awaiting a response from my professor as well regarding this topic but I'd be interested to hear other options that will enhance the learning experience.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Daniel,

          The SOLIDWORKS suite of software doesn't get web based file sharing until you are using PDM Professional Web 2.0.  However, GrabCAD has a system called GrabCAD Workbench that does offer some ability for online collaboration for SOLIDWORKS files.  It isn't perfect but for an academic project it would probably work just fine.

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              Asko Kauppi

              Would like to hear anyone's comments on using GrabCAD Workbench.


              Edit: Brien McEwen shares experiences, using GrabCAD Workbench in 2018 here: https://forum.solidworks.com/message/864937#comment-864937


              I'm working on a one-man project, which is intended to be shared publicly, later this year. At that time, I'd want to know of a working collaboration platform and workflow.


              Note: I've successfully misused my GitHub account to keep track of the versions, so far. This works remarkably well for SolidWorks, allowing renames, occasional reverts and overall version tracking of the project. Unfortunately, since there is no way to get diffs and apply them as patches, it cannot be used for collaboration if two parties changed the same file, at the same time.

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                  Daniel Scott

                  Hi there.  This is my overview of GrabCAD Workbench for group collaboration.  I utilized this for a team engineering project last winter.


                  GrabCAD Workbench worked well for sharing files and making access very easy for viewing and downloading.  The GrabCAD app for smartphones was also very handy for inspecting solids and assemblies on the go.  Revision control was automatically tracked, and notes could be added with each revision update.  Also Workbench is closed to outside users unless invited.  As the project owner, I was able to control what access my teammates had, such as viewing or editing.  There is a plugin for Solidworks that connects to your Workbench account, but I did not use it.  I would presume GrabCAD has integrated Workbench with their Community database.


                  I shared this with my professor and he was very impressed with the seamless integration.  "You have a SLDPRT reader on your phone?" is what he said.


                  Your link has some good discussion on the topic too.



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                Roland Schwarz

                SW has a "collaboration mode", but that has more to do with how SW handles write access to files. You probably need this as well.


                I've used SW on Dropbox. It's worked well for small teams (2-5 people).