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Must open all parts before I open assembly

Question asked by Ryan Lapera on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by Dan Bovinich

A very simple problem, I'm using Solidworks 2014 SP 3.0 and whenever I try to open my assembly for the first time of the day, all my parts are missing.


  • I haven't moved the location of the part files or assembly.
  • I haven't changed the name of the part files or assembly.
  • Everything is in the same location.


This is very odd, It seems Solidworks knows where the parts are but just won't open them. I have to manually open every part before I open the assembly file or it will look like this:



After I open all the parts, I open the assembly and all the parts are there. It is only then, I can close out of ALL my part files and this happens every morning.

Any tips, recommendations, or fixes to this problem would be appreciated. Thank you.


EDIT: Some of my part files are kept in a folder on my desktop, while others are kept on a network that we use at work. I know no one is moving, or renaming my part files. I wasn't sure if files being in two separate locations would be relevant to this problem.