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    All appearance icons saving as red?

    Kevin Pymm

      When I edit an appearance & save as a new one to the library, the icon is always red in SolidWorks 2018. The appearance applies correctly but the icon is wrong. These are custom materials created in an earlier version of SolidWorks. If I edit an existing SolidWorks 2018 appearance & save as a custom appearance then the icon appears correct.

      Is anyone else seeing this, know of a fix or a work around?



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          Oppelaar Dan

          Even if I edit a SolidWorks 2018 appearance and save as a custom appearance it stays red ...

          Anyone have any insite as to how to display the correct part colour in the icon?

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            Kevin Pymm

            Also just noticed that the small icon in the feature tree is showing the correct colour but when I roll over it, I get the same incorrect image as from the appearance tab.


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              Kevin Pymm

              Just to update everyone about this problem.

              Received the following from my VAR today:


              "Hi Kevin,


              Thank you for your email and bringing this to our attention, from what I can see this issue is not currently on the radar of the development team.


              We will investigate this further and raise this with SolidWorks. Just so you are aware, the process that this will go through to raise this with SolidWorks, it will be raised as a Software Performance Request (SPR), this will then be picked up by the development team who will then correct it within the software.


              Best Regards




              Fin Jackson

              Applications Engineer"

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                Kevin Pymm

                A further update received from my VAR today:



                HI Kevin,


                SOLIDWORKS have watched the attached video clip highlighting the problem you were having with custom appearances and have verified this issue. This is a known one and has been reported to SOLIDWORKS development team with reference to SPR # 599481 (A customized appearance show the wrong preview).


                You have been associated to the notification list of this SPR and will be notified of the status change of this SPR in future software updates.

                Unfortunately, there is no workaround available for this issue at this time.


                Kind Regards,