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IEdmBatchListing and getting references

Question asked by Seth Ruhan on Feb 13, 2018



I'm trying to use an efficient way to get all references and drawings for files, using IEdmReference can take up to 22 seconds to get all references, IEdmBatchListing3 gives an option for this + the ability to retrieve attributes at the same time, however, I can not get it to return references.


Here is the function I'm using to test. Has any one been able to get this to work, or have a better solution?

public static void TestBatchGetReferences(IEdmVault18 vault, int fileId)




            IEdmBatchListing4 BL = vault.CreateUtility(EdmUtility.EdmUtil_BatchList);

            string Attributes = "BOM"; //"\n\nRevision";


            EdmListCol[] columns = null;

            EdmListFile2[] resfiles = null;


            BL.CreateListEx(Attributes,  (int)EdmCreateListExFlags.Edmclef_GetDrawings + (int)EdmCreateListExFlags.Edmclef_GetReferences, ref columns, null);


            BL.AddFileCfg(fileId, default(DateTime), 0, "@", (int)EdmListFileFlags.EdmList_Nothing);


            BL.GetFiles2(ref resfiles);

            BL.GetReferences(out EdmListRef[] res);


            int cnt = resfiles.Length;