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Visualize 2018 standard - Reflection and light help

Question asked by Pedro García on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2018 by Daniel Andersson

Please I need some help, I have vizualize standard, i know in this version

I can't change the lights, but I can create some emissives objects to simulate some light.

More information here: standard


But I need simulate some office lamps reflections on my models, see the image:


Pedro Help - How change reflection.jpg

I kown that should have some ways in professional version,

but I do not have this version and I whould like to know if existe any way to solve this "problems"

in standard visualize.


My doubts:

Is possible make a emissive object without shadow?

Maybe we can "fix" this creating a new material?

Is possible create a non emissive object but the reflection works on accuracy mode to simulate office lights like

in the first picture?


thanks everyone =)