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Solidworks gas pressure on a surface

Question asked by Bruce Stokes on Feb 13, 2018

Hi there,


I'm reasonably new to CFD/flow simulation in Solidworks and am currently trying to do the following:


I have 3 air flow sources directed at the end of a vane which is placed near a flat surface. What I'm trying to see is the pressure profile on the flat surface as a result of these airflows travelling around the vane.


I have currently set up the simulation like this:

- External flow simulation - Ambient air pressure (0.101MPa) and temperature (20.05 degrees C)

- Boundary Conditions - Static Pressure of 0.202MPa at the start of each of the nozzles. The nozzles are 50 mm long, 20mm wide lids at the start and then 10mm openings at the end

- Mesh - Automatic, resolution of 7


Currently I get what looks like sensible flow trajectories, however there is no pressure differential across the flat surface, whereas I'd expect to see localised pressure increases where the flow trajectories land on the surface. I considered building a local mesh on the flat surface, however I figured that since the flow trajectories at the surface are okay this might not be the issue.


Pictures show the current results of the simulation. Any suggestions or advice much appreciated!


Thanks, Bruce