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    Tangix Pro "Unable to connect to virtualtester server"

    Ben Landgren

      I want to start my CSWP but I get an error message from VT when connecting the server (picture below). I have been in touch with the support but they say it is machine-specific issue. I have win7 and I have tried this multiple times with firewall disabled but with same error message (below). It seems that before I get the error message, Tangix stops responding for some time. Any ideas that I could try.



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          Michael Puckett



          After taking a look in your account, it looks as if you solved the issue and were able to take the exam.  Could you give us an update on what the issue was, in case others encounter the issue and find this post?

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            Richard Her

            I am having the same issue with this. I've install a new copy of the virtual tester and still get the same error message. Can you please let us know what the remedy was to this?

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              Ben Landgren



              Yes I solved this issue myself in the end. I used to use an Ethernet in my university long time ago and I noticed that those proxy settings were still active in my computer settings for some reason (even though I was trying to connect VirtualTester server from home wifi). However every time I tried to change the LAN settings to "automatically detect settings", they switched back to the university proxy settings by them selves. After disabling my Webroot antivirus I was able to get rid of the uni proxy settings for good. Seems that the antivirus was permitting any changes to be made to proxy settings.


              If you are having similar issues it might be worth checking your proxy settings. Access to those settings is instructed here: How to Enter Proxy Settings in Internet Explorer: 9 Steps 


              The university proxy settings were clearly blocking my computer from connecting to VirtualTester server in my home wifi. When I managed to get rid of these settings I was able to connect without issues.


              According to my understanding proxy settings can be affected by malwares too.


              Hope this helps.