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    Remoting in from Mac

    David Lewis

      I may be a Solidworks user, but I am a Mac person.


      I recently bought a Dell Precision/Xeon/Quadro so that I can finally stop wondering if I can run Solidworks on my Mac. I've had it for about a week, and while it runs Solidworks several orders of magnitude better than via Bootcamp or VMWare Fusion, I miss working on my Mac. I want to use my Mac!


      I've looked into remote control applications, and I'm curious about others' preferences. I just tried Teamviewer, and it looked horrible. Last year I used Google Remote Desktop for the exact same reasons as above, except that it was with an ancient PC and also looked janky. I am just looking at alternatives to Google to see if there is something genuinely better.



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          Ryan Dark

          Hi David,

          I have seen a lot of companies try doing something similar but not entirely the same.  There is a big push, especially in global corporations, to centralize software onto server machines and give the users only a "port hole" into the machine where the heavy calculations are really taking place.  In some ways this alleviates the need for the users to have heavy duty hardware that is generally awful to lug around (if it is even mobile at all) and lets them trade all that in for light electronics that just need internet to connect.


          These efforts generally come with some fairly mixed results.  Management loves it because hardware maintenance and software control is simplified.  The end users pretty uniformly dislike it because the experience is full of lag.  That's kinda where all this was going.  I expect that no matter what software you find to do this and have the remote session look right you will probably always have an itch in the back of your brain that this fast machine is just a little slow.


          Just food for thought.

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            Markku Lehtola



            I tried to find a good software for classroom use years ago. This worked like a dream with SW, maybe it's suitable for you:

            Remote Graphics Software | HP® Official Site