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    Can I use equations to drive a linear sketch pattern spacing?

    C B

      Another newbie 2 part question.


      1. I want to drive a linear sketch pattern spacing with an equation. I am not able to add a basic equation in the spacing dialog box (something like =5+1). Is there a way to do this?

      2a. I want to drive the number of pattern instances by a predefined variable (=NumberOfBeams) but the dialog box only allows for numerical values. Is there a way to do this?

      2b. Bonus question - Is there a way to predefine a set number pattern instances using a dropdown list (15, 18, 21 etc...) and select that during pattern creation? That would be super helpful.


      Based on what I have found I think I am going to have to create a design table to do all of this? I was really hoping to handle it all in the "Equations, Global Variables, and Dimensions" dialog box.




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          Vladimir Urazhdin

          1. The distances between sketch points may be driven by equations. Just create a set of Global Variables and link each GV to the particular distance between points.

          2a. Create a Global Variable. It must be Integer and may be calculated by Equation Manager. Link it to the number of instances.

          2b. API is required

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            Wing Hoe Tan

            Hi, here's something to get you started.


            When you create the linear pattern, be sure to check both dimension spacing and instance count.


            After the pattern has been created, DOUBLE CLICK on the dimension and instance count to bring up the full dimension dialog box. Link to the appropriate variable.


            Create new configurations for different spacing, instances, etc.

            Go to manage equations and you would be able to change the values for selective configurations.


            Another way is to actually right click on the sketch and select "configure". This will bring up a design table for you to create configurations and enter the values accordingly. Remember to save table!!!