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Sketch Pattern Rebuilding

Question asked by Marshall Wilson on Feb 13, 2018
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I may need to provide context for this question (example part file etc) but I will post this as a quick question first to see if I'm just doing something Stoopid.


I am doing a lot of stair railings at the moment (2 stair cores of about 12 flights each), and our Field measurements are giving us a lot of variation in the concrete work. So here I am looking for a way to make a parametric model of stairs that will adjust for different Riser/Tread configurations.


Now my current working paradigm uses sketches as the root of everything - all mates are to sketch entities and planes, extrudes are (often) to sketch veritices. My features usually use a lot of  sketch elements converted from "master" sketches which have all my dimensions. Don't know if  this is "best practice" but it seems to help me avoid rebuild / assembly errors due to changes in parts.

Because of this I would like to be able to make a sketch outline of steps that will adjust with varying dimensionsal configurations.


I've done a lot of work so far with this - however I am having a heck of a time because I am finding that my sketch patterns are updating only after I open the sketch, RMB on pattern entity, and select "edit linear pattern". Then I can see the yellow preview lines have adjusted to new dimensions. I close out of the property manager and the geometry is correct.


However this is useless to me if I have mutliple configurations, because each time I switch configurations I have to go back and re-edit the linear sketch patterns.


1) Is it normal for sketch patterns to rebuild only after you edit the sketch pattern. Or can I change a setting to change this behavior.

2) Alternately, Can I use a feature pattern? I briefly tried to attempt something using reference "points" and axes but they don't seem to be pattern-able.


Again, I can provide some example file but I'll have to make a new one since my "working" file is pretty convoluted.


Thanks very much!