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Some parts hidden by default when saving 3D pdf

Question asked by Aaron Hayden on Feb 13, 2018

I ran into an issue today while saving a relatively small assembly to a 3D pdf. There are some surfaces, but otherwise it's fairly simple solids. I saved a 3D pdf the other day of this assembly and it worked flawlessly. I've made some model changes since then and now when I save a 3D pdf some of the parts are hidden by default in the pdf. I have to browse the assembly/feature tree of the pdf and click the radio button for the parts in question. I am unable to save the PDF with the parts turned on and have it stay that way. The odd thing is that I have two configs for my assembly. One config will export fine, the other will not. I have tried hiding/suppressing them and saving, then unhide/unsuppress and the parts are still hidden in the pdf. I also made both configs use the same display state, also no improvement.


Anyone run into this and find a solution? One a side note, the blue object that is shown in the 3D pdf is a surface inside a component part and is hidden in the SW model, but displays in the PDF anyway. (it can be turned off through the assembly tree in the pdf) I have a solid component hidden at the upper assembly level, but that stays hidden in the PDF after export.