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Edit existing macro so all files export to one predefined folder + Excel BOM

Question asked by Daniel Mapp on Feb 13, 2018



I had some great help a while back getting a file export macro set up(thanks to @Deepak Gupta) but my requirements have changed and im hoping I can get some help adding the changes required?


Existing Macro is attached, I would like to change it to do the following:


If possible add the option to export a BOM in excel format this exported BOM will need to export to a BOM  from template(TBD!) that lines up with our in house ERP.


  • Rather than the default being to save the exports in the same location as the root file I would like to 'hard code' one default folder for each particular file type(PDF, DXF etc.) Macro needs to be simple enough for me to add these folder paths in at a later date.
  • Edit the form to remove the option for the user to browse  to a file location by where the files can be saved, maybe just having an Icon/button for each file type that one click saves to the default folder outlined in the above?



Lot to ask here but will be really grateful to anyone that can help.