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SW2009 not Running after Install~4th Attempt

Question asked by Wayne Parsons on Feb 5, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2009 by Bryan Kearse
Need help on this one. I've burned about 12 man hours the past couple of days fighting this new SW 2009 (SP 0) install. I have a Dell Precision 490 machine (about 2 years old with 64bit XP Pro) that has run SW 2007 and 8 with no problems.
SW 2009 installs with no errors (yes I have McAfee 8.5 off during install - it comes up automatically during reboot though) but when I try to open 2009 up it crashes, sometimes with no error messages. This my 4th clean wipe (uninstall, then delete files, then clean out registry).
See attached error messages I've gotten.

Any suggestions? The VAR is suggesting a Windows wipe. I think this tactic is a little extreme and discounts the fact that SW 2007 and 2008 ran fine as do numerable other app's on this computer.
Is there a program or process that can pinpoint what part of XP doesn't play nice with what part of 2009?