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    Forums Issue

    Ali Farahmand

      Hello all, and hello all forums managers

      as a user of Solid works, as an engineer, as a designer whom he has a little bit experience on mechanic science less or more, I tried to share my project here, because I guess here the peoples come together to something like this! but unfortunately my post destroyed by some one I don't know him, I send a massage to another person, the forums managers my mean, and asked him for any reason, but till now nobody didn't respond to me, and now I don't know shall I can post something else or not!?
      hope they respect to the peoples using these forums and first of all alert them about any thing wrong with their posts, if so! just tell them what they don't like in the topic (a simple shared project), then they decide to destroy it!

      By the way Im ready to hear your comments

      With my warm regards

      Ali Farahmand

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          Dennis Dohogne

          Ali, welcome to the forum!  New users are automatically "monitored" for some period, I don't know how long.  I think this even includes restrictions on being able to attach files.


          There have been a lot of phishing and spamming attacks and this is just one way to try to cut down on it.  Be patient, you will be able to post to your heart's content, including sharing files.  As you have probably already seen this forum is a great place with a lot of helpful and fun loving folks.  But, since you are new to the forum please take a few minutes to read over these things.  It will help to more quickly get a lot out of your efforts.


          Some very important steps if you are a NEW FORUM USER....

          Dive into the links Dan has posted there.  You will dramatically shorten your learning curve.

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            Josh Brady

            Your post looked like spam, or at least an attempt at free advertising.  No request for help. No helpful info.  No shared files.  Just a link to a YouTube video of something you did, along with info on how to contact you.  Plastered in multiple places on this forum as well as elsewhere on the net.  I understand that language is probably an issue, but if you can be more clear with your objective for posting then you may not look so much like spam.

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                Ali Farahmand


                is it new definition for the SPAM!, that was an industrial project designed and implemented in the solid works by me and I have had a plan to present that for any probably visitors, But Im agree the post just contain a simple word look like an advertisement! but i thought myself its a good project to share here to let the peoples see and encourage them to how to setup their concepts in solid works very smooth and easy with the solid works, isnt that?

                by the way now we understand the rules here and I will respect to the forums rules and I will not share any project for sure,