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Question asked by Ali Farahmand on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by Ali Farahmand

Hello all, and hello all forums managers

as a user of Solid works, as an engineer, as a designer whom he has a little bit experience on mechanic science less or more, I tried to share my project here, because I guess here the peoples come together to something like this! but unfortunately my post destroyed by some one I don't know him, I send a massage to another person, the forums managers my mean, and asked him for any reason, but till now nobody didn't respond to me, and now I don't know shall I can post something else or not!?
hope they respect to the peoples using these forums and first of all alert them about any thing wrong with their posts, if so! just tell them what they don't like in the topic (a simple shared project), then they decide to destroy it!

By the way Im ready to hear your comments

With my warm regards

Ali Farahmand