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    Can Solidworks create the same quality as Alias in class A surfaces?

    Alex Write


      Can Solidworks create the same quality as Alias while you don’t use any SubD plug-in and just use its native curves and surfaces?

      Which one would give you better control?

      For example consider you are modeling a non-mechanical object like a digital camera.

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          Ali Farahmand

          Hi Alex

          I didn't think so the mechanic engineers can give you any point of view! because the objects have different scheme in our mind! this is why the mechanicaly engineered thing mostly is ugly!!

          the considerations around a mechanical parts inside of a mechanic engineer is productivity, actually we solve the design problems with the predefined considerations around the process of production that probably we studied before and knows the process well,I myself believe this works as limiter, rarely a designer decide to let his mind to break the rules and fly in abstract atmosphere! but its will not be a high fly, so the things we design and produce will most looks like to rough and ugly thing,

          But its doesn't really means we are insist on our own protocols!

          the good news is nowadays the CAD engines used specialty in DS. products willing to new approaches to led the MECH. Designers to design freely! and fly in the abstract zone.

          but as I have a short experience with the A.D Alias its behave more flexible with the splines and carve and surfaces, and here in SW we can do less more but its still based on productivity considerations and I believe the results we cant claim is the same thing! but its acceptable!

          Hope it can be of help