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Error message: The solver experienced sudden loss of contact, which could cause poor result. 

Question asked by Jong Park on Feb 13, 2018

Hello, Forum.


I am trying to trouble shoot my FEA model of rubber material flex through a CAM plate.

So far, I have tried many things as follows:

1. Non-linear dynamics with prescribed radial displacement -> solver failed after long hours of analysis

2. Start trouble shooting at "static" environment with prescribed radial displacement

3. Removed prescribed radial displacement and put simple force (10N) on flat surface -> solver failed

4. Set up advanced fixture to hold the rotating rubber piece from vibrate along the axis of rotation.

5. Suppressed global contact (bond): since it seems to make the solver to ignore "no penetration" since I observed penetration.

6. Set a contact set between the rubber tip and cam plate (No penetration on: 1. surface only, 2. tip and entire CAM plate)

7. Turn on "large displacement"

Now, I am getting "Load increment ratio < 0.01%" and then "Large displacement contact analysis terminated. Save results for 15% loading"

I assume this is a setup issue but couldn't figure out how to fix.


I shared my files up here. Any comment or tip would be greatly appreciated.