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Hole Fit Tolerance Workflow

Question asked by William Radigan on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2020 by Michael Fernando

Can anyone explain to me the 'workflow' for using the "Fit", "Fit With Tolerance", and "Fit (tolerance only)" options for hole Tolerance/ Precision?


It's obvious that the various limits for hole and shaft sizing (e.g. H7, H9, H11, from Machinery's Handbook or elsewhere) are contained within the software.  I think I have even seen calculations of the "Clearance" or "Minimum Variation" and "Maximum Variation" of combined Hole / Shaft combinations (e.g. An LC6 fit for a 1/4" screw is an H9/f8 combination and provides a minimum of .0005" clearance and a maximum of  .0028".)


But it seems to me that the feature manager is extraordinarily sensitive to: 1) Where you click and When 2) Tab or Enter in drop-down boxes 3) Choosing a Display Type 4) Changing the Classification type.


I'd like to be able to use this information to instead getting Machinery's Handbook down from the shelf so often, but right now I seem to get more "Ding!" and "OK" boxes than anything else.


This Engineers Edge page is an example of the calculations: Preferred Tolerances & Fits Chart ANSI B4.1 Calculator RC - LT Fits | GD&T Tolerances - Engineers Edge


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