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How to export mapping layers with a custom layer to DWG

Question asked by Merry Owen on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by Ashistaru Dey

Hi Solidworks forums,


I have created and detailed a Solidworks part drawing. I have then created a custom 'part' layer and placed my part on this layer.

I then go save the drawing as a .dwg file with the option "Don't show mapping on each save" box unchecked - This then allows the Solidworks to DWG Mapping box to open and allow me to custom name my dimension, title block, hatching etc, layers.


The issue is when I untick the "Only map entities that are not on SolidWorks layers", it disregards my part layer in the .dwg export. On the contrary when I tick the option, the mapped entities do not behave as I assign, but my part layer is correctly exported.


My question is how do I save the .dwg file with my custom mapped entities whilst including the custom part layer I assigned the part to?

I will need to apply this process to large assemblies.


Thanks for the help.