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    How to export mapping layers with a custom layer to DWG

    Merry Owen

      Hi Solidworks forums,


      I have created and detailed a Solidworks part drawing. I have then created a custom 'part' layer and placed my part on this layer.

      I then go save the drawing as a .dwg file with the option "Don't show mapping on each save" box unchecked - This then allows the Solidworks to DWG Mapping box to open and allow me to custom name my dimension, title block, hatching etc, layers.


      The issue is when I untick the "Only map entities that are not on SolidWorks layers", it disregards my part layer in the .dwg export. On the contrary when I tick the option, the mapped entities do not behave as I assign, but my part layer is correctly exported.


      My question is how do I save the .dwg file with my custom mapped entities whilst including the custom part layer I assigned the part to?

      I will need to apply this process to large assemblies.


      Thanks for the help.

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          Peter Anthony

          I have a similar issue here;


          Solidworks 2018 SP 2.0


          -Try to export DXF/DGW from model, and have Custom Map Solidworks to DXF/DWG enabled in save options.

          - Mapping dialogue appears - and I am able to set up layers and entities to map - and I am able to save  a Map file (which has no file extension?)

          - DXF exports correctly as defined in mapping file.


          -I go to repeat process again, (same part, different part, doesnt matter) this time with map file location filled out in DXF save options

          -DXF does NOT export as per the mapping file.



          What gives?? Solidworks, why so glitchy plz fix

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            Ashistaru Dey

            Hi Merry,


            I am also looking for the same answer and have been done explaining this to my VAR support guys.

            In my case I have defined layers for different SW entities (same I have defined in my .DWG templates too).

            So when I start exporting the SW drawing into DWG, I opt mapping using the map file I have saved with all these layers defined with respective entities. For example all my drawing dimensions are define in layer "DIM" with green color. After the export I open the DWG file and find all the dimensions in "DIM" layer with the predefined green color.

            But some entities (e.g. machining symbols, balloons, arrows) appear as blocks, sometimes with different layers.

            Also the text style changes into something undesirable. Is there any guideline on how to do this with perfection?