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challenging sheet metal twist

Question asked by Sigma Tero on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by Thomas Voetmann

I'm trying to take a piece of flat sheet metal and make it dip and twist to change angle and direction.  Hard to explain but it looks something like this:


sheet metal twist_1.gif

I know it can be done because I physically took a piece of metal and made it form in this shape.  Basically the flat part of the sheet metal is held in place (completely constrained) and the buckled portion takes a mathematical perfect shape.  It can either buckle up or down but the shape is held by physics and the metal doesn't deform, only deflects.


I can get it close but can't seem to get SW to give me a math-perfect shape.  Basically the sides of the buckled portion need to be perfectly parallel and the exact same length so that all it does between the flat surfaces is twist out of plane.  And the buckled portion needs to be tangent to the flat sections and perpendicular to the mirror plane where it crosses.


Ideas?  Anyone up for a modeling challenge?  I've attached a couple of quick surfaces to get you started.