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How to joint different standard pipes?

Question asked by Simone Stampatori on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by Simone Stampatori

Hello everyone! I don't know if it's been already asked (I didn't find anything) but I need to connect a PVC DIN 8062 pipe to a water pump outlet with a EN 1092-2 flanges. Though I can connect varius flanges types from the routing libraries, I can't find a suitable one because in their configuration hasn't been set up the "right" pipe.

Now, I tried to change the set up pipe but 1) a message stopped me because DIN 8062 pipe and the flange doesn't "mix-up" and 2) actually I wouldnìt really change the library configuration. Does someone know if there is any type of connection (bushing, socket, unions...) whose end C-points are set-up with two different stadard pipes (the ones I need, specifically)?

Thank you all in advance!