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    Luca Ruggieri

      Hi everybody,'m new in SOlidworks ,i come from other softwares, and i changed work .

      My new company is making the change from 2d to 3d and we have got SOlidworks 2016 Sp3 professional and PDM 2016.

      They are asking me that want manage the gaket and tubes in such way. They want an unique code to indietify a kind of gasket or a kind of tube( and all parts that you buy in meters and Mount them in meteres)  and they want to design them on our machines and get in the bom( draft)  the meters mounted  of those, and they dont want make a own draft for everytime you must mount such gasket  or tube.

      So when i assign with PDM a code to the gasket i cant modify it anymore, otherwise i will modify the dimensions of all gaskets mounted on our different machines.

      Before i worked in different way ,i created a neutral code from Teamcenter and with such code i  designed my gasket and inside the neutral code's propreties , it  brought  the info about the real code that idientified the kind of the gasket or tube , and i made also the draft of it.

      For now i tried to do so, i created a code of my gasket with PDM and i extruded it for 50mm and i mount this part of the gasket in our machines , so in such way  got the code of my gasket  in the BOM  of my assembly , then i realized a new part and i mount it as envelopes part and i realize the extrusion of the gasket for measure it and write manually in the bom the meters of the extrusion.

      I use envelopes parts because i dont want this code that i use just to show the gasket and for measure it  in our bom and then in our CVS file , becaure our Management Software doenst support a different cvs file ,

      Is it right? Is there any other way to manage this kind of parts?


      I  hope  to be enough clear .

      Thanks in advance everybody will help me or will advise me.

      Have  a nice time.

          Paul Wyndham

          Hello Luca, I don't think I understand your request. Are you trying to create a gasket that is a specific length then add that to the BOM of an assembly. Then, change the length as needed for a different assembly and have it show up on that BOM?


          It sounds like you need to create the general shape in a part and then add configurations to the part for the different lengths. You can then have a BOM specific part number specified in the configuration properties.

              Luca Ruggieri

              Hi, yes .

              Already your partner that follow us in Italy advise against it, because if i have 200 machines where i must Mount Always the same gasket ,it means the same code from PDM, i will need 200 different measure of it. The told is that in this case we will  have many cinfigurations and  will be a problem when we will have to do the check-in and check -out of the file .

              Honestly i think also it is not the right way to manage linear gasket.

              What is it the best way to manage this case ?


              Thank you ,

              have a nice day.