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Maximum Material Condition

Question asked by Gabriel Guzman on Feb 12, 2018
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Hi, Id like to request some help applying GD&T to my drawing, heres a picture for reference.

Im trying to find a way to assign a bidirectional positional tolerance for the .117 ID (Datum C). Its relationship to OD .619 will not change, Im going to assign it a static tolerance. But when I dimension its relationship to the linear dimension .792 Id like to find a way to express that if the linear dimension .792 is at its smallest size, for example .785 it will have no positional tolerance, but as it gets bigger up to .792 it will gain tolerance. In this way I will be able to control its mating function with the nut that will go over OD .619 and the spring pin that will be installed in ID .117. Im sorry for the lengthy question, but thank you very much in advance for anyone who can help.