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Part File Size Increasing Solidworks 2016 SP05

Question asked by Jim Moses on Feb 12, 2018

Hi All,


I have a set of engines I am attempting to strip down, the files are a imported from a Step file and 1 large part file with lots of bodies and surfaces in each


I am attempting to strip them down to 3 configs total:

1 full assembly

2 front cover and front accessories

3 front damper and accessories

I am adding 3 planes, a Axis and 1 3d sketch (to develop planes due to the parts being in vehicle position)


Now the file size is doubling at min, I have looked at other post from the past and removed the image quality "save tessellation with part document", purged all redundant display states, and "purge cached configuration data" yet the file sizes are still way too big, like almost a gig of data is there something else that can be done


I did for sh!t & giggles save as a new part and delete all the bodies and surfaces of the full assembly I was not using in the other configs and the file size decreased to maybe 1/4 original file size


Shouldn't the bodies and surfaces that are suppressed not add to the file size?

And why is the file increasing when there is no new geometry?


I would save a file to this post, but they are customer data.