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Increasing the width/Extending width of job

Question asked by Oliver Redmayne on Feb 11, 2018

Hi, i work in orthotic manufacturing, my role is to scan a mold of the patients foot, then machine a block of there foot out of MDF to form the orthotic on. Once the whole process of scanning and modifying and machining is complete the width of the block seems to be to small by a few millimeters and the patient always seems to find the orthotic to be abit tight (the mold fits on perfectly though). Were really struggling to find a way to put a few millimeters stock around the job which follows the contours of the extruded face. This is so the job will be wider and we haven't uniformly scaled the foot bigger, changing the whole shape, we just need extra stock around the foot (basically like sketching around the job, extruding the sketch above the face and then extruded cut to flatten it out, unfortunately this effects the job cutting lumps out and takes to long.


So yeah scaling, and physically sketching stock is the only thing ive tried so far but both don't work efficiently.


Hopefully this is easy to understand, i attached a model for you guys to check out to hopefully understand it better.


Thanks, Oliver.