Zach Robbins

weldments in assembly?

Discussion created by Zach Robbins on Feb 5, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2009 by Jeff Mirisola
hi i'm new to the program and have upgraded from Auto CAD LT 2005 so its a pretty big jump. We're a small business that designs and fabricates aluminum vacuum tanks.

What I was wondering is it possible to use a weldment in an assembly. When I get into my assembly I have my wrapped barrel with holes to put in my aluminum primary trap (which is drawn as a separate part) for the pump that we weld to the tank.

We use a lot of aluminum parts in our product that get welded together. So taking this a step farther I guess the best way to ask my question is, do I have to draw everything thats welded together as 1 part. Or is there a way to add a weldment while assembling everything.