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How many free exams I entitled to per SolidWorks seat and redemption code?

Question asked by Oscar López on Feb 10, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by Jason Martin


I have two SolidWorks licenses on Subscription Service and I request a redemption code yesterday.

I want to take CSWP, but firstly I want to try with the CSWA. If I get a coupon for free CSWA, how many time I have to wait to get a coupon for free CSWP? Six months? One year?

Can I use one license to get a free CSWA and, one week later, the second license to get a free CSWP for the same user on VirtualTester system?

Additionally, with a redemption code, I can get one free core exam and one free advanced CSWP per six months, correct? But I must request the two exams with the same SMS or I can send two SMS? For example, If I want to get a core exam (for example, CSWA) and I send the message request for it using a redemption code, tomorrow, Can I send another SMS to get an advanced CSWP (for example Drawing Tools) exam with the same redemption code?