Matt Peneguy

Forum Search Functionality

Discussion created by Matt Peneguy on Feb 11, 2018

Recently I was searching the forum for a macro.  And, I discovered a problem.  If I search the forum for "Rebuild all drawing views macro" this is what I get:

If I try the same in google, what I'm looking for pops right up:

I can get it to work, if I use "AND" in the forum search:

But, I wouldn't expect to have to do that.  At the very least, I believe this qualifies as an FAQ.  What do you think Glenn Schroeder?  Also, I know this is a "forum system"; so, it may not be changeable.  But, if it is possible to change to the default behavior to "AND" for all words entered in the search box, I think that is a better system (why would I put words in the search box I didn't mean to include in my search?).  What do you think Richard Doyle?