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Reference geometry and reference mates aren't following priority I assign

Question asked by David Paribello on Feb 9, 2018

I have about 650 individual parts (10 different PNs) to insert into an assembly and each one has a specific orientation.  I was originally inserting one at a time and setting the mates for each one!!  I just figured out how I can assign reference mates to the original part and then insert it into the assembly whereby the part would automatically mate to the corresponding part(s) in the assembly.  That being said, I noticed that it's not using all the mating information I assigned to each part.


For instance, I assigned a concentric mate as the primary and a coincident as the secondary.  My assumption and expectation is that when I insert the part into the assembly, it will first try to mate with a part based on concentricity followed by aligning it coincidently, however it seems to be ignoring my secondary mate altogether.  Is my understanding of reference geometry wrong or am I did I set it up wrong?


Any help would be greatly appreciated and an immense time saver.