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Modelling a Thin Walled Vessel - Explosion Forces

Question asked by John R. on Feb 9, 2018

Hi All,


I'm a novice currently working with Solidworks to produce an analysis of an existing thin walled vessel - basically we are going to detonate the vapor inside it and we need to know if the structure will survive the pressure impact.


From what I have been reading on the forum so far, I think the best approach will be to model out the vessel, welds and all, apply the pressure as a load over time, and perform a nonlinear dynamic analysis on that basis. From an actual structural perspective I'm just going to be looking for stresses in excess of the ultimate tensile strength of the wall material, and stresses in excess of the fracture strength of the weld. There's no reason to see if the vessel with be worth anything after the detonation, so I am primarily concerned with the ultimate maximum stresses that will develop in the material, which I will use to try to determine if the vessel is going to blow into pieces and endanger people in the area.


I was wondering what more experience users think of my approach, and if anyone has any advice for performing this kind of sudden load analysis. My preferred software is actually S-Frame, but it is absolutely not adequate in this situation, so I'm forced to work with a software I know significantly less about.