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    Problems with DimXpert

    John Wayman

      I am just starting to look at DimXpert, as a way to reduce the time taken and nausea induced by having to create 2D drawings.

      I created a simple part (attached) created DimXpert annotations and made a drawing of it (also attached).

      I dragged the first view with an (A) from the view palette and the DimXpert dimensions showed.Capture2.JPG


      The DimXpert dimensions refused to show if I created a projection view from the view on the sheet, but if I dragged a view (with an (A)) from the view palette and aligned it to the first view, they did show on the second view, but not on a third.

      I have attached screen grabs of the annotated part and of the drawing. In the drawing, there are two identical views at the top of the sheet. The lowest is a projection view from the main view, the upper is a view marked (A) dragged from the view palette.


      What am I doing wrong that means the 9 dimension and the 2 X R1 dimension do not show on any view?


      SW 2017, SP5

      Windows 10 Pro

      Nvidia Quadro K2200 with the recommended driver










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          John Wayman

          I've been continuing to mess with Dim Xpert.

          I have reached the conclusion that it doesn't actually seem to work.

          There are dimensions that it doesn't create, but doesn't mention it can't (or didn't bother to) create them.

          There are dimensions that make no sense, like a dimension to the edge of a cut that is labelled '2 X 50', where it should be 50.

          Then, sometimes they will show up and other times they just won't, even in the part, never mind in the drawing.


          I think enough time has been expended flogging this particular moribund equine.


          Unless you know differently...





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            S. Casale

            Yours may be a bug...


            I've noticed Dimxpert is troubled in another way as well. Maybe it's me or is there no way to add angular dimensions to patterned holes about a bolt circle?

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                S. Casale

                DimXpert is currently without the ability to Standard dimension process of parts in a pattern about a diameter or radius or bolt circle.


                Can't use TolAnalyst accurately without it.


                See the SPR's all requesting about the same thing?

                Please Vote for 951470, 1074875, 1015750. There's even an SPR (which is unnmbered here) that says trhis was fixed in 2010 - it is not.

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                Dan Pihlaja

                Another option is to use your actual geometry dimensions.  These you can pull in using Insert --> Model Items.