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Problems with DimXpert

Question asked by John Wayman on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2020 by Calib Willis

I am just starting to look at DimXpert, as a way to reduce the time taken and nausea induced by having to create 2D drawings.

I created a simple part (attached) created DimXpert annotations and made a drawing of it (also attached).

I dragged the first view with an (A) from the view palette and the DimXpert dimensions showed.Capture2.JPG


The DimXpert dimensions refused to show if I created a projection view from the view on the sheet, but if I dragged a view (with an (A)) from the view palette and aligned it to the first view, they did show on the second view, but not on a third.

I have attached screen grabs of the annotated part and of the drawing. In the drawing, there are two identical views at the top of the sheet. The lowest is a projection view from the main view, the upper is a view marked (A) dragged from the view palette.


What am I doing wrong that means the 9 dimension and the 2 X R1 dimension do not show on any view?


SW 2017, SP5

Windows 10 Pro

Nvidia Quadro K2200 with the recommended driver