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    How to make this kind of Oblique Cut?

    At Ingle

      I'm looking to model this part but I'm unsure of how to go about making this slanted surface (see image). I can't seem to locate any tutorials on this.


      I'm assuming I would have to insert a 3D sketch and do some sort of extruded cut? I'm fairly new (~5 hours of practice total) so I'm unsure where to begin.



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          Rob Edwards

          Hi At

          Welcome to Solidworks.  You will soon find there are many ways to achieve this.  With just 5 hours experience you're probably better using the basic 2d features for now.

          When you do an extruded cut the default extrude direction is normal to the sketch plane, but in a 3d sketch or optionally in a 2d sketch you can specify a direction

          Please see this example, good luck...enjoy!

          2016 attached