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SOLIDWORKS Visualize De-noiser SWW18...You gotta see this

Discussion created by Scott Ellery on Feb 9, 2018
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Good morning and hopefully those of you I saw at SOLIDWORKS World have recovered by now


for those that were there or watched the live stream you may have seen the reveal of the De-noiser for visualize that uses AI to dramatically reduce the time it takes to rez up renders inside the Visualize preview window.  Naturally I sprinted to the Nvidia booth after the general session and had a go with it and it is amazing (especially on dual GP100's).


just wanted to post this for anyone that didn't get a change to see it or who might have missed it , this is going to be a game changer in rendering speeds, and I talked a bit with some Nvidia developers/techs and it seems it will work as far back as the older Kepler cards as well (it will support K Cards and up) which is amazing news!


Check out this video from SOLIDWORKS at around 2:00 to check it out or check out the Stream from Day 1 of SWW18


Live with Nvidia at the Partner Pavilion | SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2018