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    How to reorient drawing view?

    Andres Hernández

      I would like to rotate a specific drawing view 180° around the part's axis. Meaning I would like to look at the part from the opposite side while keeping the dimensions that are already added if possible. I do not want to create a new model view, or project view and add the dimensions again. I would like to modify the existing one. Attached is a picture of what I DO NOT want, if there is any confusion. Appreciate your help.

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          Walter Fetsch

          If I understand this correctly, you're looking for a method to rotate the view about the X axis.  Am I correct?


          If so, try this:  Select the view, then select the standard view that is opposite from what you are currently using (if it is a front view, select the back view).  This will show the opposite side of the part, but will put the thread on the right side of the view.  Use the rotate view button to reorient the view 180 degrees so the thread is shown on the left side of the view.


          Does this give you what you're after?

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            Jonathan Burt

            You may be able to achieve what you want by changing from 1st angle to 3rd angle projection (or vice versa). I would be careful doing this because people are used to seeing whichever is most common in their area of the world. Another way to achieve what you want is to create a section view then break the alignment and place the view where you want it.