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Workaround for accessing merged rows in a BOM? (I’m using a C# app.)

Question asked by Teodor Johnsson on Feb 9, 2018


I’m having some issues with a stand-alone application, basically I’m accessing BOMs in EPDM through a custom C# application.


However, when they created the drawings they merged several rows together, see figure 1.


So when I’m accessing the rows I can only export the first row in each "merged row" (Marked in green in figure) , which really annoys me. But if i look at the "object[] ppoRows" for the bomvView, it's the size of the entire BOM,  but does not contain the desired data.


Do you know if there are any workaround to restore the data that is hidden because of the merged cells ? 

I've attached a .txt with the code.


Thanks in advance.