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    Screen Duplicating Graphics issue

    Dan Pihlaja

      Ok, there is a user here (not me) who has a Microsoft Surface Pro (our company has all the engineers with Surface Pro's.  They all have Solidworks and they do NOT do any design work, just need to open, parts and take pictures, measure, etc...).

      He is having a screen duplication issue (every time he clicks in the graphics area another screen is duplicated.....when he moves his mouse back over the area, the duplication disappears.....only to come back when he clicks):


      Edit: Running Solidworks 2017 SP5:



      His Graphics card is not listed in the Graphics Card Drivers | Hardware & System Requirements | SOLIDWORKS


      Snapshot of his system:


      I have seen this screen duplication issue before (Edit: here in the forums....not personally) and was wondering what/if anyone has done about it. (I ran a search, but can't find any answers regarding this).

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          Ryan Dark


          We see this one from time to time.  If you go to shortcut you use to launch SolidWorks, right click on that shortcut, and go to ‘Properties’. In this dialog on the ‘Compatibility’ tab there is a setting for “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”. Toggle this setting and see if the issue does not go away.

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              Dan Pihlaja

              Thanks Ryan!


              That worked.   I think that I will set up all the surfaces with this.  All the icons are larger, but they are dealing with it, since they don't use Solidworks very often at all.

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                  Rick McDonald


                  If they do not do any designs, why don't they use eDrawings instead of the full SolidWoks?

                  Is there something they do that eDrawings does not do?

                  It would be a smaller program and simpler to use if it did what they needed.


                  When we first got SolidWorks it was a last minute without having time to dig into the software and related products - just before year end and the year end deals.  Our CEO wanted to be able to view the models and drawings before they went to the shop to be made so he had us purchase an extra seat for him (we did but he never even had it installed). We later found that since he just wanted to view and measure, that eDrawings would do it for free.

                  We also had 2 of the original planned users that never liked it and don't use it.  One of them also only needed it for view and measure abilities - again we could have used eDrawings and the other refused to switch from Inventor and that license transferred to a new engineer.

                  So, in the end we only use 4 of our 6 seats and could have gotten the other 2 setup on eDrawings.

                  We could have saved a lot of money and effort if we had done more investigation earlier instead of waiting to the last minute and making under informed decisions.

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                Craig Girvan



                Unfortunately it could be an issue with the graphics card not being supported as I am aware that surface pro computers/tablets are not always the best for use with SW due to the unsupported graphics card/s, of which it looks like the computer does not have (dedicated graphics card) and is only using on-board graphics.


                You could try check for any driver updates for your on-board graphics and hope that resolves the issue, otherwise I'm not sure what else to try sorry.