Kent Keller

assembly can't find components in same network folder

Discussion created by Kent Keller on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by Carl Maxfield

I copied an assembly will all components into a network directory for "Rip and Tear" testing.  All the components to this very simple two part assembly are present in the same network folder.  When I open the assembly, all components are suppressed.  I can browse for each one, and they are indeed found in the network folder.  This works, but is time consuming.  I can also open the components first, then the assembly.  Since they are in session, the assembly opens normally.


If I attempt to open from SolidWorks Open menu, I do get a report:

Instancd of the following were suppressed with this file was opened.

\\mainoffice\engineers\PA RnD\Kent\TestFiles\sldWorks\ManifoldTest20.025.14-50.SLDPRT     Unable to locate the file

\\mainoffice\engineers\PA RnD\Kent\TestFiles\sldWorks\ManifoldTest\900387.SLDPRT          Unable to locate the file


This is bogus, because I can physically see that the files are right there


If I copy the network folder with the Solidworks files to a local directory, I can open the assembly as expected.  All the components are found.  So, this seems to be only a network problem. 


Anyone found this problem as well.  I am running SolidWorks 2016.