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    Solidworks 2017 crashes when opening a sketch

    Paul Steijger

      Hello everyone,

      Solidworks on one of my students laptop keeps crashing whenever she opens a sketch. If she opens an existing part or assembly, she has no problem moving or rotating the part/assembly. She can open the features, and manipulate them. She can delete the feature, and use the existing sketch to make another feature. But somehow if she opens a sketch, either a new one or one that has already been made, her Solidworks crashes.

      If I select the "use software OpenGL" under options > performance, the program won't crash. It will however get too slow to accept this as a solution.

      Solidworks is installed on a Toshiba laptop, 7th gen i7, 8GB RAM and Intel HD graphics 620. I have a hard time believing the laptop is the problem though, since the problem only arises when opening sketch.

      Does anybody here have a clue what the problem could be?

      Thanks in advance!