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Bug in SW2018?: Document not accessible after deleting Exploded Step

Question asked by Egbert Joostens on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by Jim Wilkinson

Hi everyone,


I have the feeling I found a bug in SW2018. But maybe it's something else I'm not seeing.

The steps:

Assembly open in Exploded state

Click a part to get the corresponding step highlighted (This bug only appears when a step is assigned to one part, it does not appear when multiple parts are assigned to a step)

Delete the step

Now the bug comes to play, because Solidworks now asks you if you want to delete the part (if you click No, it asks you next if you want to delete the step and if you click Yes on that message everything is fine)

If you click Yes Solidworks becomes inaccessible. You can't save, close, switch windows of perform other actions other than clicking the parts and rotating them with the mouse. Solidworks has to be force closed by Windows Task Manager to be able to fix this. (And the part is gone)


Did I discover a bug? Or did I miss something?